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State and Federal Agency Communications

2023.06.01 Letter from FERC re: Comment of proje

2023.05.22 Email from UPPCO re: Water Levels on

2023.05.17 DRCI Letter to FERC Re Holding Water

2023.05.11 UPPCO ltr to FERC re: Article 402 -

2023.02.28 Agencies responses to UPPCO

2023.02.27 Email from UPPCO to Agencies

2022.06.29 Correspondence between Linda Goodman &


2022.05.06 Correspondence between Linda Goodman &

2022.05.03 Correspondence from DRCI to Stakeholde

2022.04.22 Dead River Dry Year Consultation Update

2022.04.13 DRCI response to DNR re Dead River Dry

2022.04.11 DNR (Elle Gulotty) response to UPPCO re

2022.03.21 Snow Water Equivalent

2022.03.17 DRCI response to Dead River Dry Year Co

2022.03.17 DRCI response to UPPCO update of 03.14

2022.03.14 UPPCO Spring Water Flowage Update

2022.01.20 DRCI letter to FERC re: Water Levels

2021.11.01 Email from UPPCO Dead River Dry Ye

2021.10.11 Email from UPPCO to Stakeholder Agencie

2021.09.30 Letter to Property Owners from UPPCO

2021.09.23 Dry Year Consultation Update

2021.09.16 DRCI response to UPPCO Proposed Tempora

2021.09.10 Proposed Temporary Variance to Article

2021.08.30 Email from UPPCO

2021.08.25 Letter from FERC Minimum Flow Deviation

2021.08.24 UPPCO letter to FERC Update Dry Year

2021.08.17 Responses from Stakeholder Agenci

2021.08.10 DRCI Response to Agencies regarding UPP

2021.08.04 Email from UPPCO: Dead River Dry Year C

2021.07.26 Dead River Dry Year Consultation -Silve

2021.07.08 Emails from UPPCO: Planned Deviation

2021.07.07 UPPCO: Articles 402 & 405 Planned De

2021.01.15 Proposed Temporary Variance to Operate

2020.02.20 UPPCO: Dead River License Request for

2020.02.20 DRCI Support for UPPCO Dead River Lice

2020.02.03 UPPCO Letter to Property Owners

2019.09.23 DRCI letter to UPPCO and the agencies r

2019.08.27 Water Surface Elevation Deviations and

2019.07.09 FERC to UPPCO Additional Info Request

2019.06.20 Email from UPPCO re: Water Levels

2019.06.19 DRCI to UPPCO regarding Water Levels

2019.06.14 UPPCO to FERC Article 415_Five-Year U

2019.05.24 Water Update from UPPCO

2019.04.26 Letter from UPPCO regarding Water Leve

2019.03.14 Email response from MDEQ re: Spring De

2019.02.27 Email response from Elle Gulotty to Jo

2019.02.26 Email from Josh Ball re Dead River Lic

2019.01.30 Thank you note from Josh Ball to Agenc

2019.01.29 Order Approving Request for Temporary

2018.12.17 SOM Target Elevation Proposed Temporar

2018.12.11 402 License Amendment Appendix B

2018.12.04 402 License Amendment Appendix A

2018.10.26 Email Response from Josh Ball (UPPCO)

2018.10.25 Email to Josh Ball (UPPCO) re: Silver

2018.08.29 FERC Dam Safety Inspection Report

2018.08.15 Shareholder letter to UPPCO with respo

2018.08.08 Letter to UPPCO re: August Water Leve

2018.07.19 UPPCO -- Article 403 --Deviation of Li

2018.06.25 UPPCO -- Dead River Hydroelectric Proj

2018.05.29 UPPCO Notice of Deviation for June 201

2018.05.17 Letter to UPPCO re: SOM Target Levels

2018.05.17 DRCI Letter to UPPCO regarding SOM Lev

2018.04.30 UPPCO -- Follow-Up 2016 Hoist Erosion

2018.04.26 FERC to UPPCO letter -- Re: Year Four

2018.04.11 DRCI Letter to Elle Gulatty-- MDNR

2018.01.12 UPPCO -- Three Year Test Period -- Rev

2018.01.12 UPPCO -- Documentation of Consultation

2018.01.12 MDNR comment on UPPCO's 1-4-18 Revised

2018.01.10 Letter to UPPCO re: SOM Target Levels

2016.03.17 Appendix A: Documentation of Consulta

2010.03.11 FERC Order Modifying Article 405 Opera

2006.11.11 DRCI letter to FERC requesting SOM lev

1999.10.07 1999 Water Power Easement